Inkjet Printers Vs Laser Printers

Inkjet printers and laser printers have several differences that determine their prowess and usage. They are both good printers but one’s needs and ability should determine which printer is best for them. To clearly bring out the difference between these two printers, it is best to compare some common basic factors.



Laser printers are definitely faster than inkjet printers. Laser printers operate at average speeds of 15-60 pages per minute. Inkjet printers operate at an average of 10 pages per minute. Also, laser printers can handle multiple jobs at one given moment and they have faster processors.



Output entails the price, method and quality of printing. In terms of method, laser printing applies ink on the surface electrically while inkjet printers apply ink directly. The spraying of ink by inkjet printers means that the printing surface might get messy or create a blur. Laser printing is more precise. The price of laser printing falls at 6 cents per page; that of inkjet printing falls at 7-8 cents per page. This only all applies to black ink; colored printing increases the price of both and that of laser printing is higher than inkjet printing. Laser printers produce the highest quality of work when used in printing, however, their production is very expensive. Inkjet printers are efficient enough for professional photo printing and card making.

Buying price

The initial purchase price of an inkjet printer is much cheaper than that of a laser jet printer. Inkjet printers have existed for a long time hence their technology ceased being expensive. Laser printing is a somewhat newer technology hence laser printers are quite expensive.


Inkjet printers use liquid ink that is stored in cartridges. Depending on the amount of printing done, this ink needs to be refilled every so often. Also, the usage of liquid ink means that if the printer is not used for a long time, the ink dries up and any usage will require replenishment. Laser printers use powder ink that is stored in toners. When the same amount of work is done using both printers, the powder is noticed to last longer than the liquid ink. Also, toner powder does not dry up no matter how long a laser printer goes without being used.


Generally, laser printers are faster and produce higher quality of work. However, they are expensive. As such, they are perfect for large scale businesses. Inkjet printers are also efficient in producing quality work and they are affordable enough for all sectors such as homes and simple businesses.

Having The Best Family Holiday in the USA

Planning a family trip can be quite tricky since you have to cater for everyone’s interests. The hustle of worrying about where to go can easily be eliminated by these top 10 destinations in USA.


1. Orlando

The best thing about Orlando is the theme parks and the nightlife. Being home to Disney World is the first incentive for making this a vacation spot.

2. Niagara Falls

These beautiful falls in New York give visitors the chance to experience nature at its best in such a busy city. They can be viewed from observation towers and even by boat or hikes for the strong hearted people.

3. Las Vegas

Adults will love the clubs, casinos and the wild nightlife of Vegas. Children will love the circuses and musicals.

4. Grand Canyon Park

The red and orange site is unbelievably amazing. Aside from that, activities such as kayaking and rafting are available.

5. Hawaii


The thought of Hawaii brings the vision of beautiful sandy beaches and clear waters. Beaches are fun for all family members since there are lots of activities to indulge in; plus, Hawaii gives you a chance to mingle with natives.

6. Washington DC

This is the hub of American politics. The best place to visit is the National Mall which is surrounded by museums that offer organized trips. You can spot various attractions such as the White House. Washington is more fun than it used to be with the introduction of shops, restaurants, site-seeing trips and boutiques.

7. Boston

This is one of the best destinations for sports fans and historical enthusiasts. You can visit several historic sites such as the Freedom Trail. It’s a fun learning experience.

8. Los Angeles


Most people consider this trip a chance to mingle with Hollywood celebrities; which is very true. You can visit movie studios, Chinese Theatre, spot celebrities, have a wild night party and shop till you drop.

9. New York City

A trip to this city has everyone bewildered, especially the Times Square which is one of the greatest spots to visit. Other must see spots are Empire State Building, Statue of Liberty and Central Park.

10. Yellowstone Park

This trip will satisfy all your hiking needs. It gives visitors the chance to enjoy nature at its best with a combination of beautiful waterfalls, geysers and animals such as bears and buffaloes.

These 10 holiday spots are perfect for families since they cater for everyone’s interests and hobbies. There is definitely something for everyone.

The importance of keeping fit and eating healthy.

Wondering why health-conscious individuals are more concerned about their daily diet and workouts? Well, if you often underestimate the importance of fitness and do not want to abandon your unhealthy eating habits and sedentary lifestyle, better wake up now before you ruin your health. Physical fitness refers to a state of being physically healthy and sound, particularly due to proper nutrition and exercises. Therefore, it is a state of overall well-being, characterized by good physical health and mental stability. Fitness is not all about having a toned up body; it entails having cardiovascular and muscular endurance, a stronger immune system and a peace of mind.

aa-eat healthy

The importance of keeping fit and eating healthy

Overall Health: Regular fitness routine and healthy diet helps to improve your overall health. The good effects would be gradually evident the moment you begin to exercise regularly and eat healthy foods. Brisk walking for 30 minutes every day is enough to keep you fit. Exercise enhances circulation of blood in the body and boosts the immune system too.

Boosts Energy: This is quite easy to notice. Just do some exercises and eat healthy, and you’ll begin to feel the difference. You will feel energized and rejuvenated the whole the day. On the contrary, if you lead a sedentary and lethargic lifestyle, you will feel sluggish and tired the whole day.

Weight Loss: This is the major advantage of keeping fit and eating healthy. Doing exercises regularly and following a healthy diet are the most effective and natural ways of losing weight. You will burn calories and limit calorie intake, which is certainly healthy for your body. You would also remain in good shape.

Strong Build: Regular workouts and healthy diets not only help you stay fit but also build the muscles and makes the bones strong. People who suffer from shoulder pains, backache and so on, should do relevant exercises regularly. If followed strictly, the pain would certainly reduce. With this, you will understand why fitness plays an integral role in improving muscular strength.

Mental Strength: Fitness not only means physical strength but also means mental strength. A combination of regular workout and a healthy diet would enhance the brain function. It increases blood flow to the brain and improves memory. But to realize these benefits, you need to exercise regularly.

Happy and beautiful woman do yoga exercises at home

Personality Development: Being fit gives you a nice look. The more you continue to lead a healthy lifestyle, the more you enhance your overall appearance. This would liven up your personality and uplift your confidence level. You will feel rejuvenated and fresh the whole day. You will also remain happy and optimistic.

Cardiovascular Endurance: This basically refers to the measurement of the heart’s strength. On the same note, it refers to the body’s ability to deliver nutrients and oxygen to the tissues, while at the same time, removing wastes. Fitness and healthy diet allows you to attain cardiovascular endurance and increase flow of oxygen to all the muscles of the body.

Digestion: Physical activities and healthy diet help in smoothening the digestion process, thereby preventing constipation and other digestion-related disorders. The burning of extra fats and the consumption of low-fat foods prevents diseases such as hypertension, diabetes and other related disorders.

Why Is Eating Healthy A Luxury?

Lately, the concept of ‘eating healthy’ seems to be more popular than ever. People were probably eating much healthier a century ago than they do now. The whole hysteria with eating as healthy as possible only raised awareness to the fact that we are eating overly processed foods, which usually don’t have anything good and natural left. It’s really annoying how eating healthy is rather a trend than a real concern regarding the quality of our lives.


Not everyone has a big garden full of vegetables and fruits. Many people live in apartments located in crowded cities that barely have any parks and where the green spaces are extremely limited. All the food is found in supermarkets where a brand’s reputation dictates the price.

Eating healthy is really costly. So prepare to empty your pockets to get natural good stuff to feed yourself. Normal people who come from a middle-class are neither really rich nor starving. But money is tight and few afford to splurge into delicacies like… healthy stuff. So most people look for deals and discounts, regardless of the food quality.

So, basically, if you don’t have enough money, you eat…junk.

This has been confirmed by a Harvard analysis. The study proved that healthy diets consisting of many nuts, fresh fruits, vegetables and fish costs significantly more than an unhealthy one based on processed foods. The estimated difference would be of at least $550 a year per person.

Don’t you find that outrageous? It basically means that if your family’s budget isn’t generous enough, you are forced to eat so-called foods with absolutely no nutritional values. These things will only get you fat and significantly damage your health.

Let’s observe for instance the difference between organic fruits/ vegetables and non-organic ones. On one hand, the pesticides that cling to non-organic ones can lead to cancer, neurological damage, Parkinson and birth defects.

But on the other hand, organic fruits and veggies are far more expensive than non-organic ones. So unfortunately most people are forced to risk their health and choose the ones that are full of pesticides.

It is so revolting and unfair how nowadays people have to endanger their health with every single meal because they just can’t afford to eat healthy food. Those $550 would seem nothing compared to the costs of health care that results from eating a trashy diet. But think of those who really can’t afford that amount. It’s terrifying!


Supermarkets take advantage of the healthy eating trend and significantly increase the prices. So, most of the time, people think that they have no chance to buy those fancy all natural foods. They know they can’t afford the ‘luxury’ of enjoying good food.

How about our lives? How about the lives of the children? Is it really all about the money?

If you have a decent income and you think eating healthy is not that expensive, think how you’d handle a big family with needs and bills. For many families, it’s almost impossible to spend extra $550 per person a year per ‘just’ to eat healthy.

Nobody seems to encourage healthy foods and to do something for the prices to go down. There are no efficient measures taken to make them more affordable to the people.

The expensive prices for good food may not seem so important as there is plenty of junk food to empty your stomach with. But how about the dangerous effects of depriving your body of the nutrients that it needs to function properly?

Unfortunately, eating healthy is a luxury for most people and this doesn’t seem to get better any time soon. People endanger their health and life each day just to spare some bucks. Healthy food is just too pricey and no one does anything to change the rules and make a difference.

Be Nice and Dump those Annoying Habits

Bad Habits

I believe personal discipline is what makes a person respectable and stand out from the crowd. In our day to day life we have to show respect to everyone and curb all the habits that could make the person next to you feel uncomfortable. Obviously we have the freedom to behave however we see fit but because we have to co-exist and make life easier for everyone certain behaviour should be kept for private times when you are alone.

Social life is two way traffic, we have to give in order to receive and it can’t be any other way or it becomes anti-social. When in the comfort of your home or when you are by yourself there are things you can get away with which are not acceptable by the majority of people but you  should be careful not to get used to these habits because you can easily forget that you are doing them and embarrass yourself in the presence of another person.

There are things that people do that are annoying to the core. These include bad habits like biting of one’s nails, farting in public, blowing of noses carelessly without considering the person next to you, eating in a gluttonous manner, belching, grunting, licking ones plate, nibbling, smacking lips while eating etc.

picking nose

All these habits are annoying but as for me smacking lips whilst eating tops my list. I didn’t realise this until I traveled to a country in Asia where they have a culture of smacking lips whilst eating. Apparently they do this in order to make the food tastier or something to that effect. For the few weeks that I was there I couldn’t eat in public places because besides smacking lips while they eat these people do not close their mouths so the food they have chewed on is visible.

After this experience, which I can only term as traumatizing, I realised that some of these annoying habits that people practice without knowledge are in fact terrible habits like in this case, these citizens of this Asian country whose name I will not reveal, do not know that this is a bad habit, for them it has been passed down to them and to uproot such a bad habit in such communities may not be possible.

While visiting this country I was lucky to get a chance to mingle with a few children who were really very beautiful and who have grown up knowing that people should smack their lips while they eat. I tried my best to convince them that this is a bad habit which all the children should refrain from doing especially in public. My hope is that at least some of them took the message to heart but what about all these other annoying habits that people practice voluntarily? How can they be stopped?

I believe that if you love someone, you should do everything in your power to make that person be the best they can be and by this I mean that if you see someone with a bad habit like the one’s mentioned above or any other annoying habit then you should let them know of the effects of the habit on themselves and other people as well , in the politest way possible of course, and if you have a habit that needs to be curbed, you too should appreciate when someone tells you and rectify it. As children grow their parents should also do their best to bring them up with a set of good mannerisms which is what will shape their behaviour and conduct in the days to come.

I suppose if you are to follow all of the above then you have no worries about how you will be perceived at social functions and parties etc.

The School Holiday Rip Off!


We all think that we deserve a holiday, and why not! most of us work hard all year and look forward to a couple of weeks lazing in the sun and indulging in the foods we try to stay clear of for most of the year, splashing around in the sea and spending quality time with our families without breaking the bank are all things most of us look forward to all year round.

But with the government’s new laws stating that a total of £250 per child per adult is now the penalty to be given if you are to take your children out of school during school term times most parents are struggling to afford to have their annual family holiday.

The cost of holiday’s rocket during the school holidays and most of the parents I know are hard-working and save hard. You can defiantly save a good few hundred pounds just by taking your children out of school for a few weeks. Of course we all want our children not to miss any valuable education at all, but the fact that the government needs to tackle this issue with travel companies goes without saying.

Head teachers can now only authorise up to ten school absence days and only in special circumstances. If the head refuses permission to take leave then it will be classed as an unauthorised absence. It’s a real dilemma, if you ignore the rules and take the children out of school anyway then you are at risk of receiving a hefty fine.

It’s not really fair to point the finger at the school as they are just following the rules laid down by central government, in fact the Head at our children’s school is just as frustrated as the parents are with the rules and sincerely felt that she was letting parents down when she refused the application to take our children out of school in term time and was really apologetic explaining their hands are tied. The school is a very good school and always gets Ofsted outstanding results year after year …and yes even when children previously allowed time out for holidays it still achieved this result!

The parents that I know at the school my two boys attend are good parents and attendance is always is always high and 99.9% are always on time. My personal opinion is that as long as we are being reasonable and do not take the kids out of school for more than 10 days and also not during important times such as exams then surely it can’t be too damaging.  The frustrating thing for me is that schools, albeit under orders from government, feel that they can dictate to us when we can and cannot take time out but they can arrange training days and strike action without a second thought, no thought is put to the fact that we may not have child minders for those days and have to take a day of work to accommodate them, it’s clearly one rule for them and another for everyone else.

Fortunately for us we are in a position where we can book a holiday within the official summer break but even so that doesn’t mean that we do, why should we pay more? This is something I feel strongly about. A my concern is that as usual it’s the poorest of family’s who are being hardest hit as they often can’t afford the increased rates that holiday companies charge.

Recently a couple from my children’s school were charged £630 for taking their two children on a week’s holiday to Greece last year. Nothing short of legal theft!

In our family experience last year we decided to book a 10 night holiday in Menorca. It was 4 Star and half board, now the cost to go during the six weeks holidays in August came to a grand total of £3,870 with one of the cheaper of the travel companies. After much deliberation we decided that we would take our two boys on the 10 night holiday but instead of the last two weeks in August we went at the end of the month meaning that they would miss the first week back in school in September. By doing so we saved a massive £1,470 ! ……double the amount of the fine we would have potentially received so well worth the risk.

Now I know most parents would never want their child to miss the first week of a new class, granted, I wasn’t too sure at the time if it wouldn’t upset them too much but guess what, it didn’t! The £1,470 we saved can go towards paying for our family summer holiday to Greece this year and unfortunately we are getting ripped off as we are abiding by the rules this year and going in the six weeks of school holiday time!

I don’t use the phrase ‘ripped off’ lightly, it seems blatantly obvious to me that this is what’s happening, it’s no coincidence that holiday prices rocket during school breaks, as do costs of flights and car hire, the whole holiday industry is geared up to massively increase prices unfairly without justification in my opinion. It’s unlikely that we as individuals can make a difference to these greedy corporations but surely the government could do something to cap the increases….. I doubt it though, most MP’s are wealthy so this doesn’t effect them!