Betting in Africa: Three Betting Sites Africans Should Take a Look At

Some Africans love to play free slot games, but most would much rather watch and bet on sports, especially football. In Africa, sport used to be solely for entertainment purposes, but now it has become more about making money. The gambling industry in Africa is, at this moment in time, worth a staggering $45 billion a year. This is an amazing figure when you take into account the fact that nearly half of the population live in poverty. Below we will look at three sportsbooks that Africans should consider signing up with. Don't hesitate to check out this site about best betting sites


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Supabets first started out in South Africa, but it has expanded across the continent and now has office buildings in Kenya, Ghana, Zambia, Nigeria, Tanzania, and the Democratic Republic of Congo. They are extremely well liked as they offer up a wide variety of great promos that ensure that boredom does not show its ugly face. South Africa has a very competitive sports betting industry, so Supabets being one of the most popular sportsbooks around is a clear indication of just how good they really are.

Sport Pesa

This is the largest bookie in East Africa - it has more than 1 million subscribers and is very popular in Kenya. Sport Pesa opened its virtual doors back in 2014 and it has since become a major player in African sports betting scene. It is also a sponsor for some of the biggest sporting events in East Africa, such as the Kenya Premier League. It is believed that this fantastic sportsbook earns a whopping $40 million each year. They have partnered up with some of the best radio stations and banks in Africa, which has helped them to gain a lot of popularity.


Bet9ja first came on the scene back in 2013 and they are now one of the most popular sportsbooks in Nigeria. Although they are based in Nigeria, they are more than happy to accept players from all across the continent. You can bet on 21 popular sports here and you will be given odds that you can have no complaints about. If you decide to register with them, you can receive a bonus of 100,000 Naira. They have a great customer support team and a fantastic mobile app, which has gone a long way to helping them get where they are today.

How the Sports Betting Industry Makes Money

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Betting on sports, it is fair to say, is all about odds and probabilities. Those who like to bet on sports will place their wagers based on research, gut feeling, or popular opinions. With each wager, there are two categories that you can fall into - the winning category or the losing category. In order for it to be worth their time and effort, each sportsbook has to make sure that they make a decent profit. In other words, they have to ensure that money paid out for winning bets is more than covered by those who lose their wagers. To make sure that this is always the way, they manipulate the odds.

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